Learn visualization using Tableau hand-on in 2 days

Course Name: – Learn visualization using Tableau hand-on in 2 days

Date: – Sat 21st Sep and Sun 22nd Sep 2019.

Cost: – 

Booking between 27 Jul to 24 Aug 2019 – 1000 INR discount, you pay 6000 INR
Booking between 25 Aug to 14 Sep 2019 – 500 INR discount, you pay 6500 INR
Booking between 15 Sep to 20 Sep 2019  – 0 INR discount, you pay 7000 INR

How to Join?

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Key Features

    • No PPT’s completely Hands-on Data Science – R programming training.
    • Tea/Coffee as refreshment will be provided.
    • All at only 7000 INR

Day 1 – First Day

1st and 2nd Hour Intro and Architecture of Tableau (2 hrs)

Introduction to Tableau

Architecture of Tableau

Installation of Tableau Desktop,
Architecture of Tableau,
Ways to share and exporting the work done in Tableau

3rd to 5th Hour Working with Metadata & Data Blending (3 hrs)

Connection to Excels,
PDFs, Managing Metadata and Extracts,
Data Preparation and dealing with NULL values,
Data Joins (Inner, Left, Right, Outer) and Union,
Cross Database joining,
Data Blending,
Data Extraction,
Refresh Extraction,
Incremental Extraction,
How to build Extract

6th to 8th Hour Sets (3 hrs)

Sort and Group,
Working with Sets
Constant Sets,
Computed Sets,
Working with Filters

Day 2 – Next Day

1st to 3rd Hour Organizing Data and Visual Analytics (3 hrs)

Formatting Data
Formatting Pane

4th and 5th Hour Mapping (2 hrs)

Coordinate points,
Plotting Longitude and Latitude,
Editing Unrecognized Locations,
Custom Geo-coding,
Polygon Maps

6th to 8th Hour Working with Calculations & Expressions (3 hrs)

Calculation Syntax and Functions in Tableau, Types of Calculations
LOD Expressions
Level of Details, Fixed Level of Details, Lower Level of Details, Higher Level of Details, Quick Table Calculations,
How to create Calculated Fields, predefined Calculations

Working with Parameters

Create Parameters, Parameters in Calculations, Using Parameters with Filters, Column Selection Parameters, Chart Selection Parameters

Charts and Graphs

Dual Axes Graphs, Histogram (Single and Dual Axes), Box Plot, Pareto Chart, Motion Chart, Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Tree Map, Heat Map, Market Basket analysis, Using Show me, Types of Charts, Text Table, Heat map, Highlighted Table, Pie Chart, Tree map, Bar chart, Line Chart, Bubble Chart, Bullet chart, Scatter Chart, Dual Axis Graphs, Funnel Charts, Pareto Chart, Maps, Hands on Lab, Assignment, Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Maps