Angular training in Mumbai Andheri :- Lessons Learnt from training

Whenever we take training classes of Angular in Mumbai we find that   C# developers get confused with Javascript syntaxes. Below are some important points which C# developers can remember before learning AngularJs. At the end of the day Angular stands on Javascript.

1 There are only 3 data types string number and boolean.

2 Data type is defined by value assigned during runtime.

3 undefined value comes in when you declare a variable but do not assign value.

4 There only two scopes private and global scope.Scope is determined using lexical approach.

5  Lexical scope is only followed when you use VAR keyword or else the variable is global.

6 Variable decalaration are hoisted. Variable assign is not hoisted.

7 this is a global object on window.Everything gets create  and attached to this.

8 Two way of creating object constructor and Literal approach.

9 Closures help you to retain values and mimic OOP.They help us mimic abstraction ( return) and encapsulation ( private).

10 Javascript  does prototypical inheritance forming link list and calling up the parent.

11 IIFY helps to avoid hoisting problems and pollute global variables.



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