Batch 9 – Learn Design Pattern in 2 days

Course Name:- Batch 9 – Learn Design Pattern in 2 days

Date: – May 09 and 10 2015.

How to Join?

Click Here

Venue: –

B-720, Pranik Chambers, Near Sakinaka Metro Station, Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072.

Below is the syllabus: –

OOP brush up
SOLID principles
Factory pattern
Abstract Factory Pattern
Builder Pattern
Prototype Pattern
Singleton Pattern
Adapter Pattern
Bridge Pattern
Composite Pattern
Decorator Pattern
Facade Pattetrn
Flyweight Pattern
Proxy Pattern
Mediator Pattern
Memento Pattern
Interpreter Pattern
Iterator Pattern
COR Pattern
Command Pattren
State Pattern
Strategy Pattern
Observer Pattern
Template Pattern
Visitor Pattern
IOC(Inversion of Control)
Dependency Injection
Fluent interface and method chaining
Lazy Loading
Repository pattern
Unit of work

Key Features

  • No PPT’s completely hands on Design Pattern training.
  • You have to just come with your laptop and zeal of learning.
  • Notes and videos for further reference later.
  • Tea will be provided.
  • All at only 6500 INR



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