Learn ReactJS in 2 days at Mumbai, Andheri

Course Name: – Learn ReactJS in 2 days at Mumbai Andheri

Date & Time: – Sat 17th Aug and Sun 18th Aug 2019.

Cost: – 

Booking between 30 June to 27 July 2019 – 1000 INR discount, you pay 6000 INR
Booking between 28 July to 10 Aug 2019 – 500 INR discount, you pay 6500 INR
Booking between 11 Aug to 16 Aug 2019  – 0 INR discount, you pay 7000 INR

How to Join?

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Key Features

  • No PPT’s completely Hands-on ReactJS training.
  • Tea/Coffee as refreshment will be provided.
  • All at only 7000 INR

H/W and S/W Requirement

    • Following installation required in your laptop for training having minimum 4 GB RAM/i3 processor in it.
    • Visual Studio Code download link, get from here
    • VS 2017 Community Edition download link, get from here
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
    • NodeJS download link, get from here
    • JavaScript Editor (Notepad++/SublimeText/Atom)
    • Chrome browser installed

Day 1 – First Day

ES6 Primer
  • History of JavaScript
  • What is ES6
  • A word on bable
  • Block scope, let & const
  • Template literals
  • Arrow functions
  • Spread and Rest operators
  • Object literal improvements
  • Destructuring
  • Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Static properties and methods
  • Promises
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Generators
  • Modules
  • Set and Map
Introduction to React
  • What is React?
  • Why React?
  • React version history
  • Just React – Hello World
  • Using create-react-app
  • Anatomy of react project
  • Running the app
  • Debugging first react app
Templating using JSX
  • Working with React.createElement
  • Expressions
  • Using logical operators
  • Specifying attributes
  • Specifying children
It’s all about components
  • Significance of component architecture
  • Types of components
    • Functional
    • Class based
    • Pure
  • Component Composition
Working with state and props
  • What is state and it significance
  • Read state and set state
  • Passing data to component using props
  • Validating props using propTypes
  • Supplying default values to props using defaultProps
Understanding component lifecycle
  • Understanding lifecycle of component in reactjs
Event handling in React
  • Understanding React event system
  • Understanding Synthetic event
  • Passing arguments to event handlers
Rendering lists
  • Using react to key prop
  • Using map function to iterate on arrays to generate elements
Working with forms
  • Controlled components
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Understand the significance to defaultValue prop
  • Using react ref prop to get access to DOM element
Understand react portals
  • Understanding all about react portals

Day 2 – Next Day

Under error boundaries
  • Under error boundaries
React’s new fiber architecture
  • React’s new fiber architecture.
Routing with react router
  • Setting up react router
  • Understand routing in single page applications
  • Working with BrowserRouter and HashRouter components
  • Configuring route with Route component
  • Using Switch component to define routing rules
  • Making routes dynamic using route params
  • Working with nested routes
  • Navigating to pages using Link and NavLink component
  • Redirect routes using RedirectComponent
  • Using Prompt component to get consent of user for navigation
  • Path less Route to handle failed matches
Just Redux
  • What is redux?
  • Why redux?
  • Redux principles
  • Install and setup redux
  • Creating actions, reducer and store
Immutable.js for immutable datastructures
  • Immutable.js for immutable datastructures
React Redux
  • What is React Redux?
  • Why React Redux?
  • Install and setup
  • Presentational vs Container components
  • Understand high order component
  • Understanding mapStateToProps and mapDispatchtToProps usage
Redux Saga(Redux middleware)
  • Why redux middleware?
  • Available redux middleware choices
  • What is redux saga?
  • Install and setup redux saga
  • Working with Saga helpers
  • Sagas vs promises
Server-side rendering with react
  • What is server-side rendering (SSR)?
  • Why SSR?
  • Working with renderToString and renderToStaticMarkup methods
Unit testing in react
  • Understand the significance of unit testing
  • Understand unit testing jargon and tools
  • Unit testing react components with Jest
  • Unit testing react components with enzyme
  • Using sinon to mock
Webpack primer
  • What is webpack?
  • Why webpack?
  • Install and setup webpack
  • Working with webpack configuration file
  • Working with loaders
  • Quick word on code splitting, lazy loading, tree shaking
  • Setting up Hot Module Replacement

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