Learn MVC in 2 days – Batch 2

Status:- Course Completed

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Trainer – 

Logo Name : Sukesh Marla
Author, Trainer

Date: –

11th and 12th October

How to Join? –

In order to join the batch you have to register first. Email us: trainer@stepbystepschools.net/Questpond@Questpond.com/ or call us on 022-66752917.

Venue: –

Span Labs, B209-210, Sagar Tech Plaza, Opp. Hotel Chakra, Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072.

Below is the syllabus: –

  1. Why MVC?
  2. How MVC is different from Web Forms?
  3. MVC Architecture
  4. Simple MVC application
    1. Lab 1 – Understanding controllers
    2. Lab 2- Understanding Views
  5. Lab 3 – Request mapping in MVC
  6. Passing data from controller to view
    1. Lab 4 – using viewdata and viewbag
    2. Lab 5 – Working with collections with Viewbag and ViewData
  7. Introduction to Model
    1. Lab 6 – Working with Model
  8. Lab 7 – Razor View Engine
  9. Input controls
    1. Lab 8 – Creating input screen
    2. Lab 9 – Passing data from input screen to controller.
    3. Lab 10 – HTML Helper
  10. Lab 11 – Redirect to Route Result
  11. Lab 12 – Using Tempdata
  12. Lab 13 – Valiadtions
  13. Lab 14 – Explore Action Results
  14. Lab 15 – Partial Views , RenderAction
  15. Lab 16 – Exception Handling

Day 2

  1. Lab 17 – Master Pages
  2. Lab 18 – Forms Authentication
  3. Lab 19 – Working With Ajax
  4. Lab 20 – Working With jQuery
  5. Lab 21 – Areas
  6. Lab 22 – Mobile support
  7. Lab 23 – Asynchronous controllers
  8. Lab 24 – Unit Testing and Talk on TDD
  9. Lab 25- Dependency Injection
  10. Lab 26- Web API
  11. Lab 27 – Introduction to Angular

Key Features

  • No PPT’s completely hands on training, 21 stunning hands on lab.
  • All setup and machine provided by us. You have to just come with a zeal of learning.
  • Notes and videos for further reference later.
  • Tea and Lunch will be provided.
  • All at only 5000 INR



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11 Responses to Learn MVC in 2 days – Batch 2

  1. Bhimrao Jadhav says:

    Excellent conceptual training that was very lucid and presented in very simple language that makes understanding regarding MVC very clear. The hands on Labs were experience is great experience that build confidence. It was really humble teaching efforts with great Knowledge ensure to get understand by paying attentions to every individual. Your guidance for best practice/ Methods to follow for coding are really appreciable. I liked you Catch Line “Follow the Logic Not Syntax” 😉

    Defiantly I would like to attend session on Web Services, API, Jquery & AngularJS.
    Also looking forward to subscribe your online courses.

    Great Job! Keep it up!

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  2. Alok says:

    I attended sessions conducted on 11th and 12th October. The practical approach taken for training was quite helpful. While coding whenever any doubts appeared that was solved immediately, which lead to clear understanding of concept and best way to write code. Course was also designed in progressive manner so that while doing any lab, we know the all concept required for that lab.

    Hoping next training session will be on WCF/Web API and that soon too 🙂

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  3. radhika says:

    Hi ,

    I would like to join MVC training in mumbai.Please do mail me when next batch commences.

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  4. Nitish says:

    Hi Sukesh

    Can you pls tell the third batch for the MVC training.

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  5. Swapnil says:

    Hi Sukesh,
    Can’t we get online training for MVC. Kindly help out non- Mumbaikars to learn MVC.

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    • Sukesh Marla says:

      We will soon plan for 3 days online MVC Trainings with same price soon sir…

      Right now we have only monthly MVC trainings which wont be available for so less fees.. But as a said we will plan for 3 days as well soon….

      Secondly down the time we will start our Step by Step schools in other cities also

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  6. Ruchir Saxena says:

    Please conduct this trainning session in Ncr region also .

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