ASP.NET MVC Queries – Part 1.

This query was asked by one of students who had attended MVC training in Mumbai past week. Below are the questions and answers , can be useful for some students.

  1. In lab 3 the one with View data-U mentioned we can’t have server controls, viewstate and code behind but if we use aspx instead of a cshtml page for VIEW then we could have the above 3 is it? The above three attributes are specific to Razor syntax and not MVC right?

    Answer :-
    Yes you can have above code in ASPX as well. They are not really specific to Razor they are MVC codes. You can use them in MVC controller code also.

  2. In lab 3 you used Mytime property without declaring it with type dynamic i.e u directy assigned value to it -” Viewbag. Mytime = datetime. Now. Tostring() “. So how is viewbag able to read the property mytime. Is mytime a keyword or an identifier?I also saw the difference between dynamic and reflection video but it couldn’t help me solve this doubt.

    Answers :-
    Its uses reflection. In other words on runtime it checks for that property.

  3. Does Cshtml page use only Razor syntax?or Can Razor syntax be implemented only in Cshtml page?

    Answer :-
    Razor syntax is for CSHTML. CSHTML is a file extension.

  4. In lab 5 Why did you tag the “Customer” model to “Load View” or “Customer View” and why not “EnterCustomer” view.
  5. Can we have a model for “EnterCustomer” view as well?

    For example :-We want to take many inputs from user but want to display only a few. And save the rest in db so that those properties could be used in some other page.
    In such case what should be the model design.

    Answer :-
    Yes you can have for EnterCustomer. Same model can be used with different models. Use inheritance in that case. So create a class with X number of properties. And if you want X+10 more properties then inherit and create a new class.

  6. Also in lab 5 you did not use “ViewData” or “ViewBag” for passing data from controller to view. You did it using the customer object directly. Why is that so?

    Answer :-
    Viewdata and viewbag should be the last resort. They should be used in rare cases where you have hanging properties like date time , some IDs and so on. But when it comes to Business objects like Customer , Supplier you should use strongly typed model object(return view(“Test”,CustomerObject).



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