Batch 24 update for ASP.NET MVC Mumbai training conducted on 12 & 13 Sept. 2015

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One more wonderful experience with ASP.NET MVC in Step by Step Schools.

This time we had people from all three corners of Mumbai – Central, Harbour and Western.

Training agenda was same as before for both the days. Let’s have a quick walk on the MVC path

Day 1

  1. A quick introduction to MVC and understanding basics of MVC development
  2. Tea break
  3. Understand the project need to be developed and get start with it
  4. Lunch break
  5. Adding Entity framework to project for database communication
  6. Displaying Employees in the UI
  7. Tea break
  8. Adding Data entry screen, Validation, Understanding value repopulation, Client side validation…

Day 2

  1. Login, HTML helpers and introduction to filters
  2. Tea break
  3. Action Filters and Exception Filters
  4. Lunch break
  5. Single Page Application using ASP.NET MVC and Angular
  6. Tea break
  7. Routing Areas
  8. Web API and jQuery

Every step above mentioned had a detailed discussion, questions (from both the side) and many small topics.

I believe every participant will get the complete benefit of training and get into the next level in career.


All the best to all participants.



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  1. Ganesh Mandlik says:

    Hello Team,

    I want to get train on WCF within a day, could you please let me know.
    Tomorrow I have time, I want to join WCF training asap and want to complete it within a single day.

    My mobile no. is 9773570875

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,
    Ganesh Mandlik

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